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The Greenbrier Challenge

The Greenbrier Challenge has evolved into a nationally recognized event that was once the domain of only large companies and sponsors. This race is now an important piece of funding and bicycle awareness-raising for the Potomac Velo Club (PVC). Often the guiding principle of this event is one of experience – how do we improve the participant’s experience?

With over eleven (11) years experience in holding the Greenbrier Challenge, we believe that we have a proven track record in creating one of the more attractive and satisfying event experiences on the AMBC series circuit. And with the Greenbrier Challenge being the Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship (MARC), this event brings even more mountain bike athletes together like never before.

If you would like to know more about the Greenbrier Challenge, the Potomac Velo Club, or schedule an interview, please contact Jim Carlson at (703) 569-9875, Ken Getchell (610) 397-1950, or send us a request for more information via our Contact Us section.

pjfreemanphotography_2014Greenbrier Challenge on Film

Red Cloud Productions – 2010
The movie “The Potential Inside” by Red Cloud Productions, is a “riveting action packed drama that takes you inside the never before seen world of Elite Bicycle Racing.” The movie premiered on March 10th, 2011 and reportedly contained scenes filmed during the 2008 Greenbrier Challenge. Visit there movie website for more information!

Serious Mountain Bikers Take on the Greenbrier Challenge

Reported by: Sarah Hopkins
Sunday, April 26, 2009

WASHINGTON COUNTY, MD – Hundreds of elite mountain bikers took part in the Greenbrier Challenge Sunday held each year at Greenbrier State Park. Riders from more than 19 states and several foreign countries signed up for the race. The best riders in the competition will go on to the national championships. There was a marathon race that lasted nearly four hours and divisions for beginners and professional riders. Racers say the rocky terrain at Greenbrier is a challenge. Bikers accustomed to road racing say mountain biking is a very different way to ride. Esther Sthaftel, a bike racer, said, “It’s very different. It’s more technical as far as rocks and hills, and I think it’s scarier, overall a lot scarier.” Winners in each category took home prizes that include bike gear and hundreds of dollars in cash.