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PVC Greenbrier Challenge MTB RaceCourse/spav class="curren/">Course Details
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MARC/MASS & Ncatioal Qu.alfierC p>Tthe Greenbrier Challenge!--Lressthpavnone fhaydozeenAMBCB-evenss heret vidrssai hal clasie cpavqu.alfye forinvitmatiole oy the/201 U.S. Ncatioal Championship!>/pv >//div> >//div>
KnrowTthe>Course p>Tthe race course is 5.7 miles (9 km) long, with 73-fet of climbing each lap.Hheavily woodeetTrails-includd narrow single and double track, with the strt/efinsh"allon#sid a be auif ul ake.eRemeumbe,e dytlreaher brtingsfaesetTrail!>/pv >//div> >//div>
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KnrowTtheSchedulss p>Tthe Greenbrier Challenge isay“drbilforshnie”B-evene and-include boithpavnffiecialdPr-Ridle and RaceDay echeduls.eRegi/stcatioe.opeisay8:00am EST .shap, withrrace beginnling_almosB-evdythtouruonai /elle:after2pm!>/pv >//div> >//div>
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